VW Touran 2015

Finally, the Volkswagen has decided to bring the finest model of its famous MPV series car Touran. Volkswagen has a significant status and regime in Europe and American auto markets. Cars and trucks manufactured by this company are popular for the special reasons. Today, there are numerous rumors that this company is excited to launch some new models and Touran is among these new models. The new model will be known as VW Touran 2015. Touran was first introduced in 2003 for commercial users. This MPV series is also popular for the excellent passenger adjustment capability.

VW Touran 2015 Front

VW Touran 2015 Exterior and interior changes:

The company has redesigned the MPV with enormous changes. Five more colors have been added to make a total of 12 for the users. Main focus of engineers is to reduce the total body weight. It is believed that maximum 100 kg will be reduced by using new technologies. External and internal changes are also necessary to reduce the weight. External changes have been brought by adding more colors and a new body platform. Interior is spacious and elegance containing folding seat system, interior weather control, navigation system, rearview camera and five point harness system. By making it a light vehicle, the engineers are trying to maximize the fuel efficiency. VW Touran 2015 can consume 1 gallon to cover 24 miles within the city. The mileage on highway will differ because of a constant speed.

VW Touran 2015 Side

VW Touran 2015 Engine specs:

Engine of any vehicle always receives attention, appreciation and criticism. Volkswagen has decided to make this MPV more energetic and comfortable by making it front wheel drive with an optional 4 wheel drive system. Two types of engines including basic and hybrid versions will be offered with DSG Twin Clutch Transmission. The basic engine is V-6 TDI with a range of 150 KW per 240 PS while the hybrid version is V-8 TDI 279 KW per 380 PS. Volkswagen is working hard to reduce the fuel consumption of this MPV. In fact, it is a general requirement to make it more successful than its ancestors. It is assumed by the dealers and sellers that new VW Touran 2015 will consume 5 % less than previous versions.

VW Touran 2015 Rear

VW Touran 2015 Release date and price:

The release of Volkswagen Touran 2015 is a hot topic. Everyone is expecting that this new model will be released in early 2015. However, there are reports from some reliable sources that Volkswagen may introduce it in December 2014. The price of 2015 VW Touran is very reasonable. It will be around £19,500/$31,500.

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