Mitsubishi Triton Review

The all-new Mitsubishi Triton has been unveiled at the 34th Bangkok International Motor Show this year. Since its inception, it has showcased the new diesel-electric hybrid engine, as well as a sleek new look. Also known as Strada, Sportero, Hunter and the code L200, it features the same underpinnings from its deal with Fiat’s upcoming pickup. Its badge engineered features forms the same base as with the new pickup from Fiat Professional. Following the success of its predecessors, this new model looks promising as it combines the aesthetics of its class, with the power and comfort that made its name. Its current incarnation remained the top seller in the pickup market since 2005. It will definitely be facing off against its fiercest competitors – the Ford Ranger and the Toyota Hilux.

Mitsubishi Triton front

Mitsubishi Triton Review

The revamped design looks imposing and headstrong, together with a redesigned grill and a stylish hood. Longer by 70mm (from 5280mm), and wider by 15mm (from 1815mm), it retains the same wheelbase dimension of 3000mm as with the current generation. A lot of the additional length goes into the load bed, in between 15mm to 45mm. Its ground clearance is high at 205mm, quite larger than the Amarok from Volkswagen, but still falls short compared to the heavyweights of its class, the Hilux and Ranger.

The Mitsubishi Triton engine boasts a powerful, four-cylinder, 2.5L turbo-diesel unit, coupled with a six-speed manual transmission. It will include a hybrid electric plug-in to increase the cost-effectiveness of its mileage. Its code – GR-HEV, refers to Grand Runner Hybrid Electric Motor. It boasts a power of 131kW at 4000rpm, and 400Nm at 2000rpm for its manual transmission models.

Mitsubishi Triton rear

Mitsubishi Triton Release date

Ryugo Nakao, Mitsubishi’s chairperson and head of the board, has inform that the hybrid variant is still to be released at a later time period, as it needs to abide by legislations by law enforcement on its usage and capabilities. He also announced a new Challenger – an SUV based from the underpinnings of the same L200, to be released soon as well. As for more of the Triton, it will features far more significant improvements concerning its interiors and dimensions, catered for a vehicle considered to be both a family car and a powerful workhorse.

Mitsubishi Triton side

Mitsubishi Triton Interior

Active cruise control, as well as collision avoidance technology, are the major inclusions for the new Triton. It aims to surpass that four-star rating of crash safety of the current Triton, as stated by Nakao. It will also feature improvements with on-road refinements, catering to the safe driving style it promotes. Triton aims to be the benchmark of a luxury, sports utility vehicle in the months to come.

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