Mazda 5 2015 Changes, Interior

Do you like minivans? Most of the people love to drive a minivan. There are multiple factors forcing the drivers and buyers to consider the value of minivans. In 2015, numerous minivans will be introduced. Mazda is among the leading car manufacturing company having a special recognition. Mazda is famous for the spacious and heavy duty vehicles. It is believed that Mazda is going to regenerate a minivan according to the modern requirements. The Mazda Team is hopeful to produce something comfortable and secure. The new model of minivan is known as Mazda 5 2015. Would you like to have more information about this minivan?

Mazda 5 2015 Front

Mazda 5 2015 changes:

A stylish and comfortable interior is waiting for the drivers. It is believed that Mazda is looking forward to reestablish the interior of this minivan completely. Seats have been installed in 3 rows. All the seats are comfortable and adjustable. Interior of Mazda 5 2015 offers spacious and comfortable features. This minivan can afford more than 5 passengers for long drives. Other important interior functions include Bluetooth, USB port, satellite radio, digital audio system, automatic interior environment settings and rearview camera.

The exterior has an attractive look. Modern aerodynamics reflects from the design and body kit. Addition of new headlights and rims is very important. The lateral view of this minivan is just like a van.

Mazda 5 2015 Rear

Mazda 5 2015 Engine specs:

Mazda has not changed the engine lineup. The previous engines have been upgraded for the new Mazda 5 2015. The transmission and drive terrain have not been changed. See the previous models to learn about both factors. However, the new minivan is powered by a special 2.5 liter and 4 cylinders to produce 160 hp with 163 lb-ft torque. Fuel consumption is one of the most interesting topics for drivers. It is considered that Mazda 5 2015 covers 22/29 miles per gallon in city and on highway respectively.

Mazda 5 2015 Interior

Mazda 5 2015 Release date and price:

Mazda is ready to promote the news and updates about 2015 Mazda 5. It is considered that this minivan will be launched in the first months of 2015. It will be better to wait for the international Mazda exhibition. The new model of this minivan is an affordable vehicle. It is possible to buy it for 18,940 Euro or $25,000. It is a base figure. It is recommended get the invoice as soon as possible because the price will increase after introduction.

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