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2017 Ford Atlas Engine, Release, Price

2017 Ford Atlas Front

The new 2017 Ford Atlas launched on the market, this new model from the series F-150 Ford truck will be enhanced and improved, it is expected that there will be improvements inside and out, also the weight of the car will be reduced, because the chassis of cars to be made of aluminum and lightweight materials. It is expected that this new model will attract attention of true SUV fans and would be a big competitor in the market.

2017 Shelby Baja 700 Review, Performance, Price

2017 Shelby Baja 700 Front

Ford model F-150 will be modified by Shelby and it will be to get the name 2017 Shelby Baja 700. This new model is eagerly waiting for the truck market, they shall possess various modifications of models F-150 and the powerful engine, so it is very possible that this new truck will be the strongest truck on the market, is expected to attract a lot of attention especially lovers of strong and powerful trucks, and will become one of the major competitors in the truck market.

2017 Ford Raptor Review, Enigne, Release

2017 Ford Raptor Front

The company Ford will soon introduce a new version of the F-series trucks, which will be the new 2017 Ford Raptor. This new model will be enhanced and promoted, it is expected that this new truck to attract even greater attention of potential new customers as well as to become an even bigger competitor in the market in its category.

2017 Ford F-350 Review, Engine, Release

2017 Ford F-350 Front

The new 2017 Ford F-350 Super Duty is one of the best-selling Ford models, falls into the category F-350 trucks. This new truck will be made of aluminum and strong metals, so there is the possibility that the weight of the car will be reduced, also the frame of this new truck will be made of very strong metal, which will contribute to this model can perform all tasks and heavy duties.

2017 Ford F-250 Review, Engine, Release, Price

2017 Ford F-250 Front

Company Ford will present the thirteenth generation trucks, following the launch of the 2015 Ford F-150, the time has come and the new 2017 Ford F-250, this model will be redesigned and improved, there are expected to be made of light materials and aluminum and this model will be lighter than its predecessor, which is characteristic of the new Ford truck, thus the company was to reduce fuel consumption and improve the performance of all models. It is expected that this new truck become a big competitor to the market leaders.

2017 Ford Ranger Review, Engine, Price

2017 Ford Ranger Front

The Ford Company has been for many years one of the biggest competitors in the market and all categories, and so the case with trucks from the company is emerging as a new model of the truck and it’s 2017 Ford Ranger. This model comes with various improvements and changes to the engine, as well as at the external and internal appearance. It is expected that this new model will become an even bigger competitor in the market and will attract great attention of new potential customers.

2017 Ford Super Duty Engine, Interior

2017 Ford Super Duty Front

The 2017 Ford Super Duty pick-up truck is on the way and it will continue to have a strong, large, and boxy design that suits their heavy workloads. The manufacturer has revealed that the new truck will come with the aluminum bodywork, similar to its earlier model. The new truck is designed with a body weight less than 700 pounds than that of its predecessor, increasing both fuel saving and towing or hauling capacities.

2016 Ford F650-750

2016 Ford F650-750 Front

If you need a vehicle bigger than a traditional pick-up, you’re looking for what’s known in the industry as a medium-duty truck. One of the best sellers in that category is the 2016 Ford F650-750 models. They’re undergoing a bit of an overhaul for the 2016 model year, with new power trains and some upgraded options. These beefy vehicles are built for construction and hauling purposes, so while they don’t have a lot of frills, they do have an impressive amount of power under the hood.

2016 Ford Super Duty Redesign

2016 Ford Super Duty Front

Since the inception in 1998, Ford’s Super Duty pickup truck has represented the Ford F-series trucks as bigger brothers, with heavier duty chassis and engine settings. Every performance settings have been made to be of heavier duty from the traditional F-series pickups. Some suspensions in series for the 2016 Ford Super Duty have been configured to allow ease of conversions from two-wheel to four-wheel drive.

2016 Ford Raptor price, news, specs

2016 Ford Raptor Front

The public is very eager to see the 2016 Ford Raptor. The manufacturer has decided to remove any shortcomings in the new model. Currently they are carrying out the test drive; however the model is kept away from the public eye until it is released to the market. It is very hard to predict how the model will look like. Despite of some information already know they do it for exclusive convey. 2016 Raptor will have very light weight. Its performance will be enriched and kept at high level.