2016 Toyota Sequoia Review, News

The 2016 Toyota Sequoia is expected to be present in the world car market next year (2016). During its first introduction in the year 2000, the car was a very interesting SUV and larger than the typical vehicle and smaller than a van. Due to that the car gained popularity among people with larger families and always prefers comfort and safety of an SUV car. The first car model was sold way back in 2008 when its second generation of Toyota Sequoia was launched. However, it did not live to the popularity of the predecessor, typically because it appeared older than it really look.

2016 Toyota Sequoia

2016 Toyota Sequoia Review

On the exterior, this is the first thing that most buyers will notice. Several people made up their mind not to buy the second generation of Sequoia due to its looks. In that case, the manufacturer listened and that was the reason why they decided to come up with the third generation of The 2016 Toyota Sequoia with a lot different than the present model. Because the Sequoia is quite similar to the Toyota Tundra pickup, it does not come as a shock the fact the two cars will share a lot between them.

The 2016 Toyota Sequoia will really be similar to the current Tundra model. The car front will get new headlights, new bumper and a new grille. These redesigned and new parts will make the car appear a lot more aggressive in its front, than its forerunner was. New rear bumpers and taillights will also be created.

All this are part of the new design, which will definitely make the car look sporty and sharper.
The interior will entails a cabin of the 2016 Toyota Sequoia becoming completely redesigned. Japanese manufacturer desired to ensure that the interior presents lots of comfort and space to the clients and this is precisely what it does. There will be a number of new features, such as; a 9 inch LCD screens, integrated Bluetooth and better security and navigation. The apparatus of the interior are chosen based on those things that all the potential customers need in such vehicle.

2016 Toyota Sequoia front

2016 Toyota Sequoia engine and fuel efficiency

When it comes to the engines, the 2016 Toyota Sequoia is anticipated to offer two different alternatives. First and bottom option will be a 4.7litre V-8 engine that will produces approximately 280 horsepower and, for those who might need more power, will be presented with 5.7litre V-8 engine that produces close to 320 horsepower. Nevertheless, the buyers get only 6-speed automatic transmission with mutual engines, without the alternative manual transmission.

Although, according to the number of rumors, this 2016 Toyota Sequoia brings very satisfactory fuel consumption. The New Sequoia is paced at 17 mph on highway and 14 mph in the city driving. So, in terms of the dimensions and specs, the above details on fuel economy are very improved.

2016 Toyota Sequoia interior

2016 Toyota Sequoia Price and Release date

The Japanese manufacturer has so far not announce the exact price, but it is likely that it will be similar to the price that of current model. As per the latest reports, subsequent generation of Sequoia will be made public either toward the end of 2015 or at the start of 2016.

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