2016 Toyota Hilux Engine, Interior

The 2016 Toyota Hilux is going to be the latest addition to the long line of powerful and elegant trucks that the Toyota Motor Company has developed over the years. As usual, we expect the new model to be more powerful and with extra features than the current models. According to industry experts, the new truck is expected to be much bigger and this may lead to the decommissioning of the Tacoma model. This, model will be especially beneficial to people who love to multitask in that it will be used for family travel as well as business deliveries. Below are some of the main features.

2016 Toyota Hilux Front

2016 Toyota Hilux Engine and Power

The 2016 model is expected to have two different engines one from old models and a new one too. The old engine models will be the 2.7-liter 180 horsepower while the new model is expected to be the 2.8-liter Cummins V8 with 160 horsepower. The new model will have more torque but less power since the new model will have 300 pound-feet of torque while the old model will still have 188 pound-feet of torque. In terms of transmission, both models will have near gearboxes that will either be a 6-speed manual or automatic gear all wheel or rear wheel drive. The 2016 Toyota Hilux is expected to accelerate to 60 mph in just under ten seconds and have a top speed of 115 mph.

Fuel consumption

Both engine models are expected to be more fuel efficient that the current models by up to 10% less. This will make the model a more economical vehicle to use compared to previous models.

2016 Toyota Hilux Rear

2016 Toyota Hilux Interior and Exterior

The 2016 Toyota Hilux interior does not expect many changes but one of the most notable will be increased space because the luggage space looks to have been reduced. This will increase comfort for both driver and passengers. The dashboard is expected to remain the same although there are rumors that the materials used will be changed. Basic models are expected to be equipped with some advanced features such as automatic climate control.

In order to up its competitive advantage against the main competitor the Amarok, the 2016 Hilux pick-up, will be slightly longer, wider, and a bit taller. The model has a new bumper design that makes the model look much exotic than its predecessors and rivals that will even make some SUVs jealous.

2016 Toyota Hilux Side

2016 Toyota Hilux Pricing and Release

The Toyota Motor Company has remained tight-lipped on this issue but industry insiders expect that the most basic of either model will go for around $20,000. The model is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of this year and most probably around November.

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