2016 Honda Ridgeline Price

Honda is aiming to produce some great and remarkable pickup trucks. This 2016 Honda Ridgeline is one of the best trucks which is going to launch soon in the market. It is aiming to be introduced in the 2016 middle. The whole redesigned and powerful car is going to be really amazing one. The best part is that this Ridgeline is not only powerful but looks excellent too. The smart look of this car is really nice.

2016 Honda Ridgeline front

2016 Honda Ridgeline Engine

Engine of this car is coming up as an efficient one under the hood. Highly powerful 3.5 litres V6 engine is going to be used in this car which has 24 valves. This engine will be able to produce a power of 250 HP and 245 lb ft of torque. Even there are speculations that this car will come up with integrated iMMD Hybrid technology. This 2016 Honda Ridgeline will have an average economy rate of 30 MPG.

The appearance of this truck is really nice and classy. It looks smart as well as sturdy. The best thing is that it can accommodate a lot of cargoes and heavy loads at the back. It has space for 5 passengers to accommodate in the cabin. Though it looks like a mini truck but still on road this beast look can attract a lot of eyes. There are some major changes brought in the car.

2016 Honda Ridgeline rear

2016 Honda Ridgeline will come with a much lighter yet sturdy chassis which will decrease the weight of this car and make it more fuel efficient and easy to drive too. The best thing about being light weighted is that you can drive the car easily and smoothly across the roads and city. You can use this car even in any terrain.

This 2016 Ridgeline is extremely comfortable and you can even manage to carry a lot of cargoes and luggage at the back. The empty space is really spacious where you can even lay down or sit and travel. These trucks are often used in highways and on mountainous areas.

2016 Honda Ridgeline side

2016 Honda Ridgeline Price

Price of the car is around $ 38,000. For a car like 2016 Honda Ridgeline which is extremely powerful and delivers high performance this price is worth it. You can enjoy a greta ride on the road and also can get a lot of features along with it. Even carrying cargoes and goods will not be much problem for you with this.

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