2016 Honda Pilot Price, News

Honda is coming with its latest model of Pilot. 2016 Honda Pilot is going to launch soon in the beginning of the year 2016. This is a nice car installed with some latest technologies and modern equipment which are really great. It is going through an overall change i.e. overall impact, technologies, engine, interior and exterior of the body is going through certain changes and a complete redesigned model will be represented.

2016 Honda Pilot Front

Engine of the 2016 Honda Pilot

2016 Honda Pilot is going to be a highly powerful car with a great engine under the hood. It will come with a 3.5 liter V6 engine which has the ability to develop around 290 HP of power and 267 lb ft of torque. Model is expected to come with a normal front wheel drive and an optional all wheel drive. It will also come with a powerful 9 speed automatic transmission.
For all these characteristics and specifications performance of car will be highly improved. Chassis of the car is also changed and made lighter than before with the help of this car weight has also drastically reduced. This results into a better performance, acceleration and also a higher fuel economy. Though the chassis is made of lighter material but it is sturdy as well as durable.

2016 Honda Pilot Side

Appearance of the 2016 Honda Pilot

Appearance of this 2016 Honda Pilot has gone through a lot of changes. If you check the exterior then you will find some changes in its body. It is going to come in a curvier body with dynamic designs and classy feel. Even the front bumper has been changed and made larger. The front grille of the car is also changed along with the roof which has been lowered a lot. Headlights are going to come in the new LED technology.

Some latest and modern technologies have been installed into the car. This car will come with a better and improved infotainment system. LCD screen has been installed into the car which is really great. Along with that some safety measures are also improved. Even the seats of the car have been made cosier and more comfortable.

2016 Honda Pilot Rear

2016 Honda Pilot Price

Price of this 2016 Pilot is expected to come at $ 30,000 for the standard model. It will rise or increase with the changes in technologies and installation of engine. This car is perfect SUV which will give a lot comfort and you can travel long distances and go on a tour with this car.

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