2016 Honda Odyssey Changes, Specs

Cars and trucks introduced by the Honda, Japanese automaker, have a big name in the automotive industry. This company has gained the highest level of visibility and reputation. It has been noticed that vehicles launched by Honda always make good business. Nowadays, Honda is interested to present a minivan for the fans. The minivans are considered comfortable and suitable driving facilities for the families. The new model is known as 2016 Honda Odyssey. This is a real odyssey for the fans. This vehicle is interesting because of the complete redesigning and restructuring.   

2016 Honda Odyssey Front

2016 Honda Odyssey changes:

The exteriors and interior features have been changed by Honda in order to make it a complete or perfect minivan. It is very easy to buy the minivan because there is a great level of competition in the markets. Different types of minivans have been launched by the competitors but the 2016 Honda Odyssey will break all the records. This amazing vehicle is based on the modern technologies. Honda is interested to make it a light weight vehicle. For this purpose, Honda has used complete redesigning with light weight metals. The interior of the upcoming Honda Odyssey contains outstanding functions such as larger color HD display, rearview camera, power steering wheel, new gearbox, foldable and adjustable seats and interior climate control.

2016 Honda Odyssey Interior

2016 Honda Odyssey engine specs:

Honda has not released the information about engine lineup. However, we have learned from authentic and reliable sources that a V-6 engine with 3.5 liters displacement to produce 248 hp will be used in this minivan. Honda is also interested to balance the torque production. The V-6 engine can gain a torque of 250 lb ft. Honda has made 2016 Odyssey all wheel drive machine. The new Honda Odyssey has a 5-speed auto transmission system. This system allows the vehicle to make an attractive mileage (22/29 mpg in city and on highway).

2016 Honda Odyssey Rear

2016 Honda Odyssey release date and price:

There are different rumors about the release of 2016 Honda Odyssey. Honda has not announced details about the introduction of this minivan yet. It is expected that new Odyssey will be launched in early 2016. It means that fans should wait for this amazing vehicle. The fans are also waiting for the initial price of latest Honda Odyssey. It is believed that initial price of this minivan will be around few grand higher than the current. The price of previous model was $30,000.

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