2016 Ford Ranger pickup price, specs

For anyone who is a fan of Ford’s smaller model pickup trucks, the 2016 Ford Ranger is sure to be popular. After a nearly four year hiatus, Ford is once again producing their compact pickup truck after concerns that previous efforts created issues with its size. The good news in this is that not only has Ford come up with a new small truck, but this model even features some nice redesign in its overall appearance. In terms of style, with the popularity of the Ford Ranger not only in the past, but around the world, be sure that this one will be stylish, on the interior as well as the exterior. Promises have been made that there will be substantial differences and unique features of the 2016 Ford Ranger.

2016 Ford Ranger Front

2016 Ford Ranger Size and Weight

The latest Ford Ranger is smaller and lighter than previous models and there has been a huge focus on fuel economy, even if that does mean smaller payload and towing capacity. In fact, rumors have it that those two numbers will be 1,000 for payload and 3,000 for towing. And if that doesn’t tell you that this model is significantly smaller than in years past, nothing will. If there’s an upside to this, however, it means that fuel consumption will be superior to other models.

2016 Ford Ranger Side

2016 Ford Ranger Engine and Performance

Industry insiders are saying that the 2016 Ranger will have a variety of engine options to choose from. The most favored engine is the 2.0-liter Eco boost, which produces 270 lb of torque and 240 horsepower. The EPA ratings are 30 mpg on the highway and 21 mpg in the city. The Eco boost engine will also be available in 2.3-liter option. Direct injection features as well as turbo will also be available on this model. This is sure to increase popularity of this model.

2016 Ford Ranger Interior

2016 Ford Ranger Price and Release Date

Considering that larger models of Ford trucks run in excess of $25,000, look forward to the Ranger to be $20,000 or less. The word is still not final as far as the release date, but it’s been said that it must hit the streets by the first quarter of 2016. There is probably little doubt that this model will be just as popular as those in the past. Given its history and the new styling that has been promised, there is probably more than enough evidence that the 2016 Ford Ranger will find itself flying out of the dealerships. You can bet that there will be a lot of anxious anticipation for its release.

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