2016 Ford F650-750

If you need a vehicle bigger than a traditional pick-up, you’re looking for what’s known in the industry as a medium-duty truck. One of the best sellers in that category is the 2016 Ford F650-750 models. They’re undergoing a bit of an overhaul for the 2016 model year, with new power trains and some upgraded options. These beefy vehicles are built for construction and hauling purposes, so while they don’t have a lot of frills, they do have an impressive amount of power under the hood.

2016 Ford F650-750 Front

2016 Ford F650-750 engine

The big addition for 2016 Ford F650-750 model year is the availability of three versions of new turbo diesel engine and transmissions that are designed to match up well with the engines. The new engines include a 270 hp/675 lb.-ft. torque engine, a 300 hp /700 lb.-ft. torque version and a top-of-the-line 330 hp/725 lb.-ft. torque version. Each of these engines is matched up with a commercial-grade six-speed automatic transmission.

One advantage these new engines have is that they are available to the general public. Rival truck manufacturers only make the most powerful engines available to government agencies and other special clients. These new Ford F650-750 models are available to anyone who wants to purchase one. Even more convenient, the engines are available in either gasoline or diesel versions. The gasoline powered engines can also be easily converted to run with compressed propane fuel or compressed natural gas.

2016 Ford F650-750 Rear

2016 Ford F650-750 design

While these commercial trucks aren’t built for luxury, the 2016 models have undergone a upgrade in the interior and exterior design. The exterior boasts a new tilt-forward for easier maintenance and chromed-trimmed lights that provide a wider range of night vision. The front end includes a new black mesh design and the front windshield has been tilted to reduce wind resistance. The interior includes a new padded steering wheel and a seat that can be more easily adjusted by the driver. The suspension has also gotten a new upgrade, with longer springs that offer a more comfortable ride. The 2016 models also include a new interior rolling bar cage which is designed to protect the driver and passengers in the case of a rollover.

2016 Ford F650-750 Interior

2016 Ford F650-750 price

The 2016 Ford F650-750 will be available for sale in the United States sometime in the fourth quarter of 2015. The base price for the model begins at $38,750, with the more powerful versions of the commercial truck costing nearly $50,000. 2016 will mark the first time the line has been manufactured in the U.S. Ford moved production from Mexico to a plant in Ohio in late 2014.

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