2016 Dodge Dakota pickup, price, review

The 2016 Dodge Dakota is set to be presented to the market as a redesigned model. Historically, the first model of its kind was released to the market in the year 1987. The makers of this pickup truck will be expecting significant returns from its sale, partly due to the poor performance on the market of its predecessor. In that respect, this year Dodge Dakota will reflect the extra endeavor and commitment that the engineers have input so as to make this great vehicle a worldwide phenomenon.

2016 Dodge Dakota Front

2016 Dodge Dakota Exterior and interior

To begin with, the eagerly anticipated truck is set to possess an interesting aura of modernity in comparison with its predecessor. This is exemplified by the intricately designed front face of the vehicle, comprising of a grille that has undergone intensive modifications as well as a more streamlined set of headlights that will blaze through the night! Furthermore, this year, the bumpers of the truck, both front and rear, are set to be of the same color, which enhances consistency with regard to color schemes and textures, along with giving the vehicle a more subtle-looking appearance.

On the inside of 2016 Dodge Dakota, the instrument panel is stylish and more appealing than before. The seats are set to boast a thin skin layer which enhances overall comfort for the driver and accompanying passengers. What’s even more exciting is that the driver is set to have cruise control, a soothing audio player, a fully functioning satellite navigation system, a crystal clear LCD display, and more, all at his or her fingertips!

2016 Dodge Dakota Interior

2016 Dodge Dakota Engine specs

This brilliant piece of motor engineering will run on a V6 engine coupled with four cylinders, with an anticipated power output of roughly 210 bhp (brake horse-power). In addition to the aforementioned, the engine is set to be linked to either a 5-speed or a 6-speed transmission. On the other hand, previous models of this vehicle have not received worldwide acclaim for their fuel consumption, and this could be partly due to the impressive power output that vehicles such as these can generate. On this occasion however, with 2016 Dodge Dakota, the engineers have made tremendous efforts to improve fuel consumption, as the vehicle achieves an estimated figure of 30 mpg (miles per gallon).

2016 Dodge Dakota Rear

2016 Dodge Dakota Price and release date

The 2016 Dodge Dakota is expected to be unveiled in showrooms across the world in the fall of 2015. More so, the general belief among vehicle experts is that this fantastically redesigned piece of engineering will be available on the market for a price of $60,000. It is my considered opinion that the price mentioned above is more than just reasonable – it is a bargain for customers based on its improved road performance and all the spectacular features it has to offer!

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