2015 Ram Power Wagon

Heavy duty vehicles are preferred by everyone. People love to drive the heavy duty vehicles and trucks in order to gain maximum speed without any trouble. The vehicle manufacturers are trying best to present the efficient trucks and wagons for the fans. Ram is also looking forward to make more space in the industry by providing interesting specs and facilities. Dodge has planned to make a new truck for the fans. This new truck has got a name. It is known as the 2015 Ram Power Wagon. It is important to have full information about this heavy duty wagon before you plan to purchase it.

2015 Ram Power Wagon Front

2015 Ram Power Wagon Exterior and interior changes:

The exterior of the 2015 Ram Power Wagon is very interesting. Engineers have paid full attention towards the heavy duty look and appearance. No doubt, it is a truck, but it also contains attractive features and specs. The body kit is available in different colors to give free choice to buyers. The interior is very comfortable and practical. The latest edition of Ram Power Wagon has been equipped with automatic environment control, weather alarming or prediction system, new gearbox, power steering, Bluetooth, USB, Smartphone connectivity, Google Play and iTunes. The cabin is very safe for the driver as well as passengers. The five point harness system is also available to protect the driver.

2015 Ram Power Wagon Interior

2015 Ram Power Wagon Engine specs:

New Ram Power Wagon will bring an outstanding power combination. It has been mentioned above that this is a heavy duty vehicle, and as such, it offers very powerful engine. Besides the engine, producers of these vehicles also focus on the transmission, horsepower, torque and power terrain, in order to provide maximum for its customers. Technically, the latest Ram Power Wagon will be offered with one engine. The engine installed in this wagon is V-8 with 6.4 liters displacement. It can generate an excellent level of power (410 hp) with a torque of 428 lb ft. The transmission system is 6-speed with automatic functioning. The 2015 Ram Power Wagon offers all wheels drive.

2015 Ram Power Wagon Rear

2015 Ram Power Wagon Release date and price:

Well, the expected date of release of the 2015 model has not been announced by the manufacturer. There are rumors that company is looking forward to introduce at the end of this year. However, we are waiting for the official news. The price of the latest Ram Power Wagon will be around $46,500. It is a base price that will get slight increase.

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